Who we are

Generating digital products intertwined with insights in business and marketing, 34ML is a software hub that paints the greater picture.
Through the creation of sites and apps, 34ML assures a well-rounded experience for users.

In building valuable and sustainable relationships with its partners, 34ML does more than just coding.

What we do


Customized building of sites for a wide range of business fields. We as 34ML provide our clients with execution delicacy, quality and advanced technology. UI/UX, SEO, security, performance optimization, testing, analytics & reporting are just a few of the things we excel in.


We only build apps from scratch. 34ML designs and develops exceptional Native Apps for all Android and iOS devices. On top of our UX, performance and security capabilities, we bring more advanced skills to the table. From Augmented Reality & Image Recognition to Messaging and Mcommerce apps, 34ML has got you covered.

How we do it

More than
just coding

With a constant desire to have each project reach its full success potential, we always go an extra mile by conducting Market Research as well as providing Market & Business research for our partners.

is more

We believe that “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. To ensure being concise and straight to the point, simplicity & minimalism is always our strategy to achieve perfection.

at core

The Base, The Core, and The Drive will always be Quality, never to be hindered or sacrificed; especially for time & cost. In the unlikely situation where Quality will be affected, the project will be rejected.

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