Better Apps: 34ML x Cisco AppDynamics

November 17, 2021 - 4 min. read

We are pleased to announce that we are now an official reseller partner for Cisco AppDynamics!

This exciting partnership will empower 34ML to improve app performance & user experience even more. It will also allow our customers to achieve better business outcomes, driven by valuable insights & detailed visualizations.


About AppDynamics

AppDynamics is a leading end-to-end app monitoring solution provider.

The full-stack visibility they provide allows us & our customers to monitor everything in real-time, all the way from infrastructure to business results. This means we can resolve any issues before they impact the end-user.

Our customers can also gain insight into end-user behavior, make informed optimizations, and drive better business results.

About [34]ML

[34]ML is a software house that does more than just coding. 

We build apps & sites that empower your business to reach its full potential. With business insights, market research, and pioneering technology, we craft the best user experience for your target audience. 

Most importantly, we believe in successful partnerships – in building valuable & sustainable relationships with our customers.

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