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Who we are

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[34]ML is a software hub that helps you paint the bigger picture. Through the creation of apps and sites, paired with business and market insights, we create a well-rounded experience for your users, allowing you to reach your full business potential.

We believe in successful partnerships; in building valuable and sustainable relationships with our partners, [34]ML does more than just coding.

What we do

01. Apps

We design and develop native Android and iOS mobile applications from starting point to completion in a way that fits your business goals. On top of our UX, performance, and security capabilities, [34]ML excels at Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Bots, Messaging and Mcommerce apps.

02. Websites

Whatever your business field, we build sites that are customized for your needs, ensuring that we provide our customers with intricate executions, quality and advanced technology. Our services include UI/UX, SEO, security, performance optimization, testing, analytics, and reporting.

03. UI/UX

Smooth user journey is an essential part of any successful digital experience. [34]ML team ensures users have an intuitive experience through implementation of user-centered UX & Mobile-First UI Design methodologies along with a plethora of activities such as concept research, user flows, interactive prototypes, and interviews.

How we do it


01. More than just coding

With a constant desire to see each project reach its full success potential, we always go the extra mile by conducting our own internal Market Research, as well as providing Market & Business insights for our partners.

02. Less is more

We believe that “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. To ensure being focused and effective, simplicity & practicality is always our strategy to achieve what’s best for you.

03. Quality is our core

Our main driver, and main value, will always be quality. At [34]ML, we strive for the best quality that would drive your company forward, and allows us to learn and keep on developing.


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How we do it

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