Who We Are


[34]ML is a software hub that helps you paint the bigger picture. With market insights, best practices, and a quality-first approach, we develop web & mobile applications that empower your business to reach its full potential.

Most importantly, We believe in successful partnerships; in building valuable and sustainable relationships with our customers, [34]ML does more than just coding.





What We Do

01. UI/UX

Clean, mobile-first interfaces that are both aesthetically pleasing & intuitive to use.

02. Mobile Apps

Robust native apps built for Android, iOS, Huawei, and Oculus devices.

03. Web Apps

Feature-rich web applications, clean corporate websites, and everything in between.

How We Do It


01. More than just coding

To see each project reach its full potential, we do more than just coding. We always go the extra mile by conducting our own market research & providing valuable insights for our customers.

02. Less is more

We believe that “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. Driven by simplicity & practicality, our team remains focused, designs clean interfaces, and maintains an effective & efficient app development process.

03. Quality is our core

Our main driver, and core value, will always be quality. At [34]ML, we are always striving for the best quality – higher security, faster performance, smoother UX, and better user satisfaction.


Our Partners

Our Partners

Why Work With Us

Premium Card Testimonial

  • Experienced

Since 2016, we have delivered more than 100 awesome apps & sites to customers in more than 15 industries. We have what it takes to create powerful apps that deliver results.

  • Focused

We focus on sites and apps only, work with a unified tech stack, and take on a limited number of projects per year to guarantee top-quality services for our customers.

  • Hip Millennials

We understand any language; we go back to the pre-internet era, but would still get your science fiction jokes. We deem ourselves great communicators & a cool team to work with.

  • Professional

Working with us is like working with a startup and a corporation at the same time. We wear polos to work and utilize flexible hours but maintain strict SLAs and high quality standards for your project.

  • Respectful

We respect our word, your time, confidential information, and everyone we work with & we expect the same.

  • Team Oriented

Our customers consider us a trusted partner & consultant rather than just a vendor. We believe in successful partnerships, in building valuable & sustainable relationships with our customers.

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